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Mastering with EQ
1 to 4 songs -
5 or more songs -
Prices vary based on the number of songs
Includes signal processing with equalization and compression to optimize levels to radio and commercial standards.
$99.00 per song
$79.00 per song
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Let us know what you have in mind. If you live in the states of Florida, California or New York, we have a few studio facilities to make your accomodations. Studio Time Packages are available.
Also, with the luxury of the high speed internet, we have a few servers in place to help with the transfer of files, so we can offer our services around the globe.
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Mastering - Give us the opportunity to master your songs. Professional, reputable, and knowledgeable engineers with the ability to turn your good mix into a phenomenal master.

Mixing - Give us the opportunity to mix your tracks, take it to the digital age. Collaboration through the internet. Great Rates. Great Quality. Great turn around time.

Remix or Re-make - Give us the opportunity to remix one of your songs with our style of production. Or re-make a beat that needs a higher quality sound using our inhouse producers and musicians.

Fill out the form to inquire.
"Many thanks to SideTrack Records
for remixing my song - "Summer in the City", dj spOol did a great job making it sound more live.”
Isaiah Holden. - Musician

"Creating a master was my last step, the people over at SideTrack Records were very informative and the quality was sweeeeeeeeeeeet."
Shonet Brown - Artist / Composer

"Making music is my passion and
SideTrack Records took my passion and made my voice shine with such
tonal power. I loved it."
Rick Johnson - Vocalist