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Below is a collection of songs & instrumentals for various Film, TV, Record & Media Projects.
Sidetrack Records provides:
Music & Samples for Film, TV, Games, & Website Media
We offer our talents to you. If you like what you hear, contact us.
At any point we may set up an appointment to discusss project needs & musical preferences. We offer a host of samples for all types of movie and gaming genre's (especially horror). We offer 10 sec, 20 sec, & full length spots. Check out some of our demo's to the left. For more information or details on our price structuring on any project needs, contact us directly at 407.374.3012

License this music for commercial
use through Pump Audio

Demo Songs & Videos: *click any scroll or video
spOol's album
intense, moving, mind tilt with classic climax.
Music Library
placement for an
indie horror flick
Guitar Cues
West Coast Music Library - light mood
& introspective.
more to come...
Beau Brummel Film Spot...
Passionate kiss before the departure of
their love.
Black & White
of the 1920's
Movie, indie
Placement for a
scary movie, dark and creepy...
more to come...
more to come...
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