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Sidetrack Records (Team SideTrack):
Based in Central Florida, we are a team dedicated to the Independent Movement. We deliver acclaimed promotion and production with years of experience.

We offer a variety of services geared towards Promotion, Marketing, Features, and Bookings for artists and talent.
Including: Musicians, DJ's, MC's, Producers, Dancers, Skateboarders, Graffiti Artists, and the Urban Lifestyle.

We have a far reach though our many web channels and local channels. Providing added support and exposure to boost one's fan base, branding, and traffic. All with an artist's budget in mind.
We are the exception, not the norm.

Let us showcase the love you have for your Music in an area that is professional; respectable; true to your craft; and is full of independent voices and thinkers. All Services
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SideTrack Records (Team):
Clive aka techie-oko, is a world travelor; he expresses his skills through funk driven - soul music. Producing and engineering with a mainstream desire for hip hop and R&B production. Most of his influences come from the jump off in Japan and the Los Angeles G-Funk. His style is on point, smooth, and well balanced. His favorite instruments are the MPC 3000 & the Trilian Plug in.
"His style is diverse, solid, and motivating"
- Urban Unite, 2003.
Chris has been working in audio production for over 15 years. Starting out in the liberal and diversified cities of the California Bay Area - the bay brought on a grasp for the deep underground hip hop scene. As this direction continued, SideTrack Records opened its doors in 1998. When the music scene began to shift and redirect, SideTrack moved to the central areas of Florida. At this stage, Chris met several different producers, engineers & media designers. Upon development and research, he created a Team that is diverse, innovative, experienced, and committed to the independent movement; the urban lifestyle; and the underground scene around the globe.
"Team Sidetrack is proud to bring our creative world to you." - chris.
He produces music with a state of originality in mind. His production has a classical rhythmic science that stages elements of trance, funk, trip hop, and grit. His style has a beast coast to fresh coast vibe with a bay area experimental taste. His range of production span from the underground to online talent to local artists.
He enjoys feedback, so give him a shout.
Listen to some production below.
Favorite Equipment & Software:
MPC 3000, SampleTank, Technics, Axiom, Symphobia, & Maschine
dj spOol
A&R (Artist & Repertoire) Representatives
Social and Media Links:
Lost and Found Productions - Production Company
In the heart of Uptown Altamonte Springs near the Cranes Roost Park, Lost and Found Productions has been putting out audio and video production since the early 2000's. Demographics including New York and Florida. Over many years, Lost and Found Production has established itself as a strong player in Central Florida.
If you are an artist looking for production or studio services please feel free to fill out our form.
Credits include:
TV & Media: MTV, TCM Turner Classics, Power 95.3, Brummel Project
Video Production on: YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Myspace, and MetaCafe
Publication: G4 Magazine, Music Now Magazine, WWS Magazine, Urban Unite, Elemental, Orlando Weekly, Axis
Artists & Talent We Helped:
Jay Styles, Layla, Izzy, Ariel G., SAS, Marcus, Bema, T-Dog
, Spectrum, dj spOol, Fundamental, DuRand, Deep Angel, Darryl Darks, DESTIN4LIFE, Kristen Faulconer, & many more...
Owner - Chris
Producer / Artist - dj spOol
Engineer / Producer - Tony
Co-Engineer / Producer - Greg
Management - Timothy
Social Marketing - dj spOol
A&R - Nina

Production Company - Lost N Found
Website Development
- Tyler
We are glad to have A&R representation. Providing a world sense of music with love in the areas of hip hop, RnB, classical, jazz, rock, and trip hop. Offering a professional background with teachings in the field of classical, samba, and jazz music. Our representatives overlook our social media channels for new artists and talent. They are beating the streets, going to venues, spreading our name, and opening up new channels for the Independent Movement locally and around the world.

For more details of the Independent Movement, check out our featured artists

Team Channel Partners:
Video Production: Bryan Phillip Studios

Independent Artist Exposure & Production
Our business is your idea: "We reside in the talent, not the media's puppets"