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Some are born with silver spoons in their mouth, with no need for hope it seems; Krystal was born with a microphone in her hand, surviving on prayer and dreams. She never gave up, pursuing it all, with determination that few ever know... reaching for the sky, never settling for less, and never asking "why?".

Her vision is high, her expectations are high as well. Some saw it as an unreachable task, but out of the eyes of this "incredible gal" came a picture of stardom with no mask. She was willing to sacrifice all of the "norm"... dances, ballgames, and such. For her dream as a singer was worth far more to her, and offered a future that looks bright and successful...
1. Natural Woman
2. You Gotta' Be
3. I'm Like a Bird
4. I Can't Get No Satisfaction
5. Dream
6. Candy
7. Cry
8. Sk8er Boi
9. One of Us
10. Crush
11. A Thousand Miles

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Lead Vocal: Krystal Ely
Engineer: Kerry d' Hemecourt
Recorded at: Avalanche Studio

Welcome to Krystal Ely's artist corner. Feel free to browse through and listen to her music, "A Collection of Pop Favorites". All tracks recorded at Avalanche Recording Studio (all rights reserved). Much respect to her talent...
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