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Every now and again you find a diamond in the rough. This diamond is in the form of an outstanding young MC from Richmond, VA. that goes by the name Fundamental, (Real name Matthew Smith). There is nothing rough about this guy. He reminds me of VCU Basketball player Larry Sanders, young, full of talent and about to take the World over. Is Rap & Hip Hop or even soul for that matter dead in Richmond? Not even close. Fundamental is carrying the torch and I could not be happier. I cannot stop listening to his Myspace page.

I am a little down on rap music of late because where have all the great story telling MCs gone? These club rappers outta RVA these days just isn’t cracking it. The same word or verse repeated 75 times in a row doesn’t do it for me. Just like the noise sound groups with their ham-radio noise pedals and blow dryers. Rhyming with a distinct voice is not easy. Everyone sounds the same these days, but Fundamental sounds like science.

Fundamental’s lyrics bring back the storytelling skills such as Slick Rick, CL Smooth, Guru, Scarface, and Tupac Shakur did in their day. Songs like Lyrics or Just Words, I See My Generation, Scribbling Freedom, and Thoughts For Bullets stand out like a smooth cruise through the streets of Richmond.

Fundamental is not only Hip Hop, but he’s Richmond. I think it’s time we listen.
Picking up that Kanye West album “College Dropout”, which inspired me to start rapping in the first place. From then on I started listening to all of the real emcees from Rakim, Nas, Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z, WuTang, Tribe Called Quest, and all of the real lyricists in the game. All I need from my rap career is the respect or “props” from the hip-hop pioneers such as Krs-One, Slick Rick, and other artists that I grew up listening to. My first ever open-mic at Tropical Soul Tuesdays was my most memorable moment. I never would have thought that I would make it this far, and I’m still pushing…
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